Yadu (English)


Once upon a time there was a magician who did not want to use her magic.

Was she a lazy magician?

She was an old magician, her name was Yadu.

A boy named Epimetheus laughed at her:

– Hey, Yadu, tell me tonight’s winning lottery numbers that I have to buy to make me rich; guess how many coins I have in my pocket; why don’t you pull a rabbit out of the hat, or better a white dove, hahaha..

Yadu knew the winning lottery numbers would be 61803, that Epimetheus had only one coin in his pocket and could perfectly have pulled from her top hat a rabbit, a white dove or even a scorpion that would bite the ass of the fool Epimetheus. But she did not want to do magic, so she went on her way smiling kindly without saying a word.

So, she never did any trick?

Sometimes she helped children fall asleep. Yadu used to spread an aroma for their rooms that made them close their eyes. And rest dreaming sweet dreams..

Good night!

Sihi kanasugalu



Note: Sihi kanasugalu means sweet dreams in Kannada, language with over a thousand years of literature, official of the state of Karnataka, in India.


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